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What does linno do?

Here at Linno we see ourselves as tech- & design innovators changing the way you buy, install and use your lights. When you purchase a Linno product you will be owning not only an amazing product, but you will have the support of the brilliant Linno team and all of our trusted partners.

How do I know if Linno lights are the right fit for my needs?

Linno lights are designed and manufactured to fit any interior space at almost any budget. Whether you are planning to renovate your home or update the interior of your small business, Linno has you covered. The Infinity 2.0 and compliment lights are also ideal for bigger spaces, such as offices, large retail spaces and even factories.

What must I do when experiencing problems with one of my Linno products?

We advise all customers to first contact their local distributor. In most cases our carefully selected distributors and agents will assist you with this process. However, if you do not have a local distributor near you, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you. At Linno we believe that once you own a Linno product you become part of the Linno family and we will go to the far reaches of the universe to make sure your Linno products work the way they were meant to. Contact us at [email protected] for any problems you may encounter with your purchase.


Is it possible for me to install my own Linno Infinity 2.0 system?

The Infinity 2.0 prides itself on a simple installation process that requires very little technical know-how. However, as user friendly as it is, we advise all Linno customers to seek out a certified professional when working with electricity. That way you won’t be the next recipient of a Darwin Award.

What must I do when my Infinity 2.0 lamp stops working?

You can simply contact your local distributor and check the warranty status of your lamp module. If your lamp module is still under warranty your local distributor will assist you in replacing it. Our Infinity 2.0 lamp modules use a click-in and pull-out replacement system, which eliminates the hassle of rewiring and the need for a certified professional. This is just another way we are saving you time and money.

Is the Infinity 2.0 suitable for exterior or floor installation?

The current Infinity 2.0 system is not designed for exterior use and in doing so will void the warranty. As our product range expands we will look into bringing you smart LED linear lighting for exterior spaces, but for now you need to keep your Infinity 2.0 tucked inside where it is dry and protected. Also, please be aware that the Infinity 2.0 is not suitable for floor installation.


How do I know if the Crystal 2.0 is compatible with my light socket?

The Crystal 2.0 comes is compatible with both E26 (low voltage 100-110V) and E27 (high voltage 220-240V) sockets. We advise you to check that the compatibility of all lamp sockets you are planning to use before purchasing the Crystal 2.0.

What is the average lifespan of Linno compliment lights?

We wish we’re able to give you an exact answer, but our Magic 8-Ball was damaged during a skydiving incident caused by a malfunctioning parachute. We do however supply all Linno products with a 2 year warranty, so you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality product from high-quality people.


How do I share access to my Linno controls with family and friends?

Sharing your Linno controls is comprised of a simple two-step email registration and -verification process. Once you have registered a friend or family member’s email to the system, they will receive a verification email, which will guide them through the process of app installation and set-up.

Do I have to buy the remote in order to use the Linno app?

You do not need to purchase the Linncon remote in order to use the app, but you do need to install the app in order to program your remote control. Once you have installed the app, it will guide you in setting-up your wireless control options.

I just purchased my Linncon remote, but it is not working. What could be wrong?

In order to program the remote, you need to download the Linno smart device app. The app will guide you through the set-up process and in no time at all you will be adjusting and dimming your lights.

Where is the Linno app available for download?

The Linno app is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. To download the app please follow the relevant links below: